TAS - Takeoff for Architecture and Structure

  • It converts 2D AutoCAD drawings into 3D model in few minutes if you just select the required elements.
  • You can make 3D models from PDF and JPEG 2D drawings also.
  • It calculates the quantities more accurately and the 3D model is created automatically from 2D drawings.
  • If you have 3D models in IFC format then the quantities can be calculated in a single click after import.
  • You can also export the model as IFC format to other BIM applications.
  • You can view the deductions in the quantities visually in 3D and also can reverse check the quantities from reports to 3D visually to cross check the calculated quantities.
  • A detailed calculation report can be obtained to view each expressions.
  • It is very easy to get the Plastering area, Painting area, tiles quantities, etc
  • If required a complete 3D model of building can be easily made just by drag and drop of each elements of buildings.